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Marc Savlov

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Marc Savlov has been covering film, music, and pop culture for The Austin Chronicle since 1991. In 2009 he was named "Meanest Critic in America" by the Miller McCune Center for Research, Media, and Public Policy (via aggregate film ratings derived from Metacritic et al). In 2011 he won "Best Film Critic" in the annual Austin Chronicle Best of Austin awards. Currently, he's prepping a non-fiction book and documentary about the punk rock scene in Thailand while attempting to learn Thai and master Adobe Final Cut Pro.

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Hated: G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies

The heroin-induced death of G.G. Allin last June was a decidedly anticlimactic end to the life of “the most dangerous man in rock & roll.”...

Film Review, Oct. 8, 1993

Warlock: The Armageddon

Young Druids in Love. Anthony Hickox, who seems to be making quite a name for himself in the bad sequels department (his Hellraiser III seriously...

Film Review, Oct. 1, 1993

The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk

Like the equally legendary Chinese folk hero Wong Fey-Hong, compatriot Fong Sai-Yuk was also partial to defending his kung fu-impaired brethren from the dishonest scoundrels...

Film Review, Sep. 24, 1993

The Age of Innocence

I suppose I never had enough unrequited angst percolating through my high school years to take full pleasure in the works of Edith Wharton. I...

Film Review, Sep. 24, 1993

Police Story II

In the second part of Chan's Police Story opus, his detective is demoted to a traffic cop for his previous escapades but that still doesn't keep him out of trouble.

Film Review, Sep. 17, 1993

True Romance

Written by wunderkind Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs) and directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun), True Romance is nothing if not consistently entertaining. It's the prototypical...

Film Review, Sep. 17, 1993

Romper Stomper

You know you're in for something different when the main character's first line of dialogue is a nerve-rattling “Fuck you!” directed squarely at the audience...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993

Hard Boiled

(This print of Hard Boiled is John Woo's “director's cut” which includes several extra minutes deleted from the initial release print. Let's see... that ought...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993


Certain films make me very glad I'm paid for what I do here. This is one of them. Despite the fact that director Gordon has...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

As the title suggests, this nearly three-hour long documentary focuses on the work of MIT linguistics professor Chomsky, a man who is not only one...

Film Review, Sep. 10, 1993

City Hunter

What a marvelously silly film this is! Packed to the hilt with non-stop comic book action (the whole schmeer is loosely based on the adult...

Film Review, Sep. 3, 1993

Needful Things

Out of the almost 20-plus Stephen King film adaptations thus far, you can honestly count the “good” ones on the fingers of one hand. And...

Film Review, Sep. 3, 1993

Dragon Inn

Tsui Hark -- fast becoming the Roger Corman of Hong Kong cinema -- is back with another of his mystical period pieces featuring still more...

Film Review, Aug. 27, 1993

Tokyo Decadence

Drenched in erotic reds and blacks, Tokyo Decadence leaves little to the imagination as it reveals the seamier side of the land of the Rising...

Film Review, Aug. 27, 1993

The Best of the International Tournee of Animation

Collecting together in one film the “best” of 25 years of festival animation is a risky proposition at best; at worst, you end up with...

Film Review, Aug. 20, 1993

Hard Target

Stop holding your breath. John Woo's American debut is as thoroughly a “John Woo Film” as any of the director's Hong Kong actioneers, with few...

Film Review, Aug. 20, 1993

My Boyfriend's Back

Shot here in Austin and nearby Round Rock under the far better title of Johnny Zombie, this sophomore effort from the previously brilliant Balaban (remember...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993

The Last Butterfly

From the award-winning Czech director of The Ear comes this relentlessly depressing -- albeit powerful -- film which manages to weave together mime, Nazis, and...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993


Originally created in 1989, this offbeat collection of animated Japanese shorts is a strange hybrid: two separate and distinct films, one of which actually contains...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993

The Meteor Man

Aaaiiieee! What the hell was Townsend thinking? From the director of the brilliant Hollywood Shuffle and the not quite perfect Five Heartbeats comes this steadfastly...

Film Review, Aug. 13, 1993

The Fugitive

Flinty Tommy Lee Jones is the best thing about this otherwise standard chase film.

Film Review, Aug. 6, 1993

Painted Faces

It's 1962, and a young boy is entering the mysterious, exotic world of Master Yu's Peking Opera Academy. Bound by a contract where he is...

Film Review, Aug. 6, 1993


What could have resulted in a 90-minute blow-up of a five-minute premise (remember Bob and Doug McKenzie's Strange Brew?) has instead, thankfully, arrived as a...

Film Review, Jul. 30, 1993

Police Story I

This is the first in Chan's Police Story trilogy, and although some people herald it as the best of the lot, I'll still reserve that...

Film Review, Jul. 30, 1993

Another Stakeout

Yet another genuinely scary case of the suits not quite realizing that sequels aren't necessarily warranted all the time. When I first caught the trailer...

Film Review, Jul. 23, 1993

The God of Gamblers

Hong Kong's second-highest-grossing film of all time (somewhere behind John Woo, I suspect) is a remarkable amalgamation of gambling, farce, Hong Kong gangster shoot-'em-ups, and......

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

Weekend at Bernie's II

Andrew McCarthy must die. But then we'd probably be seeing Weekend at Andy's, and the whole pathetic mess would continue on and on, like some...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

Being at Home With Claude

Released, as it is, in a time suffused with homophobia, erotiphobia, and, of course, death by sex, this French-Canadian thriller is a brave little gem...

Film Review, Jul. 16, 1993

Armor of God II: Operation Condor

A wisecracking adventurer finds himself confronted by spear-wielding savages as he attempts to make off with tribal treasures. Thugs, Nazis, and mufti-clad killers confront him...

Film Review, Jul. 2, 1993

Sex and Zen

Really, the final shot of Sex and Zen tells you all you need to know about this film: it's a freeze frame of two newly-penitent...

Film Review, Jun. 25, 1993

Last Action Hero

Overflowing with stunts, one-liners, and cameos, this would-be blockbuster overflows with unfulfilled potential.

Film Review, Jun. 25, 1993

First International Festival of Short Films

Featuring shorts from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S., this first outing by the newly-formed Andalusian Pictures Ltd. group is a winner in a...

Film Review, Jun. 18, 1993

Swordsman II

I have yet to see Tsui Hark's original Swordsman film, but judging from this sequel, I may not want to. Produced by Hong Kong film...

Film Review, Jun. 18, 1993

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

Finally, some Japanese animation that lives up to its hype. Overfiend has been making the rounds of the Japanimation underground for a year or two...

Film Review, Jun. 11, 1993

Jurassic Park

It's every species for themselves in this Spielberg dinosaur blockbuster now out in 3-D.

Film Review, Jun. 11, 1993


Another in what may be a steady stream of films shot in Austin and featuring the exploits of those lovable goofs, the twentysomething Generation, Shameless...

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993

Menace II Society

The feel-good movie of the summer? Well, no. First-time directors (and twin siblings) Allen and Albert Hughes tread John Singleton's (Boyz N the Hood) territory...

Film Review, Jun. 4, 1993

Bodies, Rest & Motion

Fluff masquerading as angst. Based on Roger Hedden's play of the same name, Steinberg's film version aims to be a twentysomething slice of life, but...

Film Review, May. 28, 1993

Hot Shots! Part Deux

From one of the guys that brought you the Airplane! series comes another in what looks to be a highly profitable comedy series. As in...

Film Review, May. 28, 1993

Star Time

Imagine cross-pollinating Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer with some of David Cronenberg's early work. Now imagine tossing in a bit of David Lynch, some...

Film Review, May. 21, 1993

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