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Marc Savlov

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Marc Savlov has been covering film, music, and pop culture for The Austin Chronicle since 1991. In 2009 he was named "Meanest Critic in America" by the Miller McCune Center for Research, Media, and Public Policy (via aggregate film ratings derived from Metacritic et al). In 2011 he won "Best Film Critic" in the annual Austin Chronicle Best of Austin awards. Currently, he's prepping a non-fiction book and documentary about the punk rock scene in Thailand while attempting to learn Thai and master Adobe Final Cut Pro.

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Mad Dog and Glory

After his shocking film debut in 1989 with the unforgettable Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, word came out that McNaughton's next project would be...

Film Review, Mar. 5, 1993

El Mariachi

From Richard Linklater's Slacker to Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi, Austin is fast becoming the focal point for somewhat of a renaissance in "low-budget"; filmmaking. (Something...

Film Review, Feb. 26, 1993

A Chinese Ghost Story III

Produced by University of Texas alumnus (and creator of the Once Upon a Time in China series) Tsui Hark, Ghost Story III is more of...

Film Review, Feb. 19, 1993

Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time

This exhaustive documentary on the life of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner feels more like an errant PBS special than full-fledged cinematic documentary: despite its...

Film Review, Feb. 19, 1993

Army of Darkness

Horror/humor hybrid is the weak third of Raimi's trilogy.

Film Review, Feb. 19, 1993

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon One

Despite the fact that National Lampoon: The Magazine has finally succumbed to poor sales, the company's film division stoically marches onward, buoyed by its seemingly...

Film Review, Feb. 12, 1993

Children of the Corn Ii: The Final Sacrifice

“Based on a short story by Stephen King”, Corn II drags that poor pop-culture stylist's already tarnished name through the mud and gore once again,...

Film Review, Feb. 5, 1993


This film is a fondly humorous look back at the last gasp of America's innocence, being a kid, and, in particular, monster movies.

Film Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Lorenzo's Oil

This is hardly the kind of film one might expect from Australian director/M.D.-trained George Miller (the Mad Max trilogy, Witches of Eastwick), but all previous...

Film Review, Jan. 29, 1993


Arye Gross is better than this. His turn as the young Jewish G.I. in last year's little-seen A Midnight Clear established him as a talented...

Film Review, Jan. 29, 1993

Police Story Iii: Supercop

Forget Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris (especially Chuck Norris). Hong Kong's Jackie Chan is now and forevermore the indisputable king of the...

Film Review, Jan. 22, 1993


I can remember reading the novel Alive when I was much younger and having, not nightmares per se, but more like uneasy dreams for some...

Film Review, Jan. 15, 1993


A greed-addled leprechaun goes on a killing spree in search of his pot o' gold.

Film Review, Jan. 15, 1993

Damned in the USA

Finally able to be seen stateside, Damned in the USA is a British documentary that examines censorship in the United States, most notably the struggles...

Film Review, Jan. 15, 1993


Coming from the director who gave us 48 HRS., The Warriors, and The Long Riders, as well as the combined producing talents behind the Back...

Film Review, Jan. 8, 1993

Peter's Friends

This is not the type of film I had expected the multi-talented Branagh to make next; after the success of Henry V and the scissor-heavy...

Film Review, Dec. 25, 1992

Leap of Faith

It's easy to forget, sometimes, that Steve Martin can be more than just another rubber-faced comic, mining the yuks where he finds them and wandering...

Film Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Ox

At once a gorgeous, near-perfect film as well as a resolutely depressing story, The Ox is beautiful to look at, even as you keep pinching...

Film Review, Dec. 18, 1992

The Distinguished Gentleman

There's something fundamentally unholy about a film whose press release calls Eddie Murphy the Jimmy Stewart of the Nineties. Granted, The Distinguished Gentleman plays as...

Film Review, Dec. 11, 1992


Winner of the 1992 Sundance Film Festival's Filmmaker's Award, Anthony Drazan's directorial debut is a scorching little story that examines the inherent hazards of an...

Film Review, Dec. 11, 1992

Once Upon a Time in China

Set in the turbulent world of 19th-century China, University of Texas alumnus Hark has fashioned an epic tale of a country and its people in...

Film Review, Dec. 4, 1992

1991: The Year Punk Broke

The first punk rock tour documentary? Hardly. The early Eighties produced a mini-tsunami of films and videos chronicling the goings-on within the punk scene, on...

Film Review, Dec. 4, 1992

The Tune

If nothing else, we can thank MTV for bringing Bill Plympton's outrageous “Plymptoons” series to the twentysomethings of the world. His 15-60-second dollops of water-colored...

Film Review, Nov. 27, 1992

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Coppola's take on the very old story is deliciously fresh. Oldman's Dracula has a stylized, almost hyperreal clarity and a singular weirdness.

Film Review, Nov. 20, 1992

Jennifer Eight

The story behind Jennifer 8 is nearly as interesting as the film itself, what with the behind-the-scenes infighting between director Robinson and his producers. Rumored...

Film Review, Nov. 13, 1992

Dr. Giggles

Who would have thought that a formula horror film about a deranged M.D.'s son with an outlandish penchant for vengeance could be such a hoot?...

Film Review, Oct. 30, 1992


Despite the fact that this is based on a very solid short story by Clive Barker, Britain's more literate answer to Stephen King, Candyman is...

Film Review, Oct. 23, 1992

Consenting Adults

Wife-swapping plotlines always sound as if they'd be better off as part of a Kids in the Hall sketch, but director Pakula has managed to...

Film Review, Oct. 23, 1992


It's getting to look like Stephen Frears may be the most cynical filmmaker of our time. A sampling of his track record up to now...

Film Review, Oct. 2, 1992

The Best Intentions

Working from Ingmar Bergman's highly personal script, director Bille August (Pelle the Conqueror) gives us a glimpse into the lives of Bergman's parents, from their...

Film Review, Sep. 25, 1992


Narrated by Max Von Sydow, Zentropa tells the story of Leopold Kessler (Barr), an idealistic young German-American who travels to Berlin in the aftermath of...

Film Review, Sep. 18, 1992

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

To borrow a truism from Harlan Ellison, it's xenogenesis, folks: the children are not like their parents. So rarely is the sequel anywhere near the...

Film Review, Sep. 18, 1992

School Ties

In a Hollywood powerscape where so many of the key players come from Jewish backgrounds, it's rather peculiar that there have been so few films...

Film Review, Sep. 18, 1992

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Trying to describe Tetsuo is like trying to describe the aftermath of a plane crash -- one that you've just been in. Twisted scraps of...

Film Review, Sep. 11, 1992

Pet Sematary Two

As I sit here typing this, HBO is running in the background; coincidentally, it's Mary Lambert's original Pet Sematary that's showing tonight, and I'm having...

Film Review, Sep. 4, 1992


Like the speed chess games that twelve-year-old Fresh (Nelson) plays with his father (Jackson), Yakin films follows a subtle, powerful logic, slowly building from a...

Film Review, Sep. 2, 1992

Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

What with all the recent hue and cry over the anniversary of that famous voyage by a lowly Genovesian cartographer, it should hardly come as...

Film Review, Aug. 28, 1992

Stay Tuned

Satan has developed an ingenious new way to garner souls: He forces them to run a gauntlet through various caustic television shows, and if they survive 24 hours they're free to go.

Film Review, Aug. 21, 1992

Spike & Mike's 1992 Festival of Animation

Featuring 18 different animated shorts from around the world, this 1992 collection highlights the best and the brightest (as well as the tedious and the...

Film Review, Aug. 21, 1992


The Amazon River Basin -- seething with life, death, corruption and rebirth -- has always been easy food for filmmakers, and though this new film...

Film Review, Aug. 14, 1992

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