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A graduate of the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas, Kimberley Jones has written about film, books, and pop culture for The Austin Chronicle since 2000. The Association of Alternative Newsmedia awarded her film reviews first place for Arts Criticism in 2013.

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The pint-sized media consumer in the family in need of some ungluing from the TV would do well to flip through this new picture book from satirist Brian Gage.

Screens Feature, Aug. 8, 2003


Critics and audiences were already primed to hate the laughably monikered Gigli, a film made immediately infamous for marking the start of Jennifer Lopez and...

Film Review, Aug. 1, 2003

Interview With the Assassin

Despite its initial promise and Raymond J. Barry's worthy performance as the supposed second gunman, Interview With the Assassin never surmounts its clever concept to achieve something transcendental.

Screens Review, Aug. 1, 2003


If you shy away from that sick feeling in the pit of the stomach that comes when watching good people make bad decisions, then best...

Film Review, Jul. 25, 2003


Adapted from the bestselling nonfiction work by Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit dramatizes the story of three men – owner Charles Howard (Bridges), jockey Red Pollard (Maguire),...

Film Review, Jul. 25, 2003

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

If imagination could be harnessed as an energy source, I suspect local filmmaker Robert Rodriguez could power a small nation all on his own, but...

Film Review, Jul. 25, 2003

Fellini: I'm a Born Liar

After sitting for some 10 hours of taped interview with Canadian filmmaker Damian Pettigrew, Fellini declared the experience "the longest and most detailed conversation ever...

Film Review, Jul. 18, 2003

How to Deal

How to Deal’s title suggests a solution, a clean course of action, when in fact the most refreshing thing about this teen dramedy is its...

Film Review, Jul. 18, 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Having already played the greatest lover of all time, Don Juan de Marco, Johnny Depp now sets his sights on the second in line: Pepé...

Film Review, Jul. 11, 2003

"I Made a Movie, and They Didn't Want It!"

Shut out by distribution companies, indie filmmakers go DIY when it comes to getting their movie out there.

Screens Feature, Jul. 11, 2003

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

There was something rather rousing in the way Legally Blonde, an unassuming comedy made two years ago for $18 million, recouped its costs five times...

Film Review, Jul. 4, 2003

28 Days Later

A zombie picture, with lots of topical updating.

Film Review, Jun. 27, 2003

Alex & Emma

With the recent news that "bling-bling" has made it into the New Oxford Dictionary, I’d like to propose another addition to our lexicon: the Coppola...

Film Review, Jun. 20, 2003

Hollywood Homicide

Good looks can forgive almost anything. Art has proven that point time and again (pretty, dimwitted Christian gets the girl, Cyrano a heavy blow to...

Film Review, Jun. 13, 2003

'Banned Toons' at the Alamo

Kansas City's Chucky Lou AV Club brings a collection of banned Looney Tunes shorts to the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown.

Screens Feature, Jun. 13, 2003

The Man Without a Past

A man, beaten into amnesia, builds a new life in this Oscar-nominted Finnish film.

Film Review, Jun. 6, 2003

Raising Victor Vargas

The camera fixes first on a 16-year-old named Victor (Victor Rasuk), who is flexing his abs and licking his lips. Then, on a teenage girl...

Film Review, Jun. 6, 2003

Adult spelling bee at Fadó

You Know, Not Just for Kids!

Screens Feature, Jun. 6, 2003

Most Likely to Endure

With the exception of the era-specific music, what the kids like in Dazed and Confused is pretty much the same thing kids like now, which goes a long way in explaining why, 10 years later, the video's a staple in college dorms, owned by kids who weren't conceived yet in the Seventies and couldn't buy a ticket to the R-rated movie when it came out in the Nineties.

Screens Feature, May. 30, 2003

Beer Bust!

The lowdown on the Dazed and Confused 10-year reunion party.

Screens Feature, May. 30, 2003

The Film That Launched a Thousand Faces

Screens Feature, May. 30, 2003

Bruce Almighty

In a nutshell, Bruce Almighty is about a funny guy named Bruce – a reporter covering quirky "special interest" issues – who dreams of becoming...

Film Review, May. 23, 2003

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Citywide Summer Film Series

Screens Feature, May. 23, 2003

Down With Love

There are many fine moments in Down With Love, Peyton Reed’s affectionate homage to the great Rock Hudson/Doris Day sex comedies of the early Sixties,...

Film Review, May. 16, 2003

The Shape of Things

Playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute describes his latest, The Shape of Things, as a sort of retort to critics who branded him a misogynist for...

Film Review, May. 16, 2003

Rock & Roll All Night ...

Ten years gone, and we're still Dazed and Confused.

Screens Feature, May. 16, 2003

All the Real Girls

There’s a Silver Jews song called "Inside the Golden Days of Missing You" that laments the twin states of getting over love and getting over...

Film Review, Apr. 25, 2003


Confidence is the bastard child of so many con capers, from The Sting to The Usual Suspects to Heist, and never is that fact more...

Film Review, Apr. 25, 2003

Ghosts of the Abyss

Say what you will of the hokey love story, the "aw-shucks" dialogue, that irritating kook with the big fat diamond – James Cameron’s Titanic was...

Film Review, Apr. 18, 2003


Adapted from the children’s book by Austin author Louis Sachar, the film features LaBeouf as a teen stuck at a Texas camp for juvenile delinquents.

Film Review, Apr. 18, 2003

Laurel Canyon

In the promotional push for Laurel Canyon a couple of months ago, it seemed like Frances McDormand was everywhere, with features in The New Yorker...

Film Review, Apr. 11, 2003

What a Girl Wants

Cut from the same chirpy cloth as Melissa Joan Hart, Amanda Bynes appears to be following the career path of her fellow Nickelodeon graduate: a...

Film Review, Apr. 4, 2003

View From the Top

No doubt it gets stuffy winning Oscars and wooing onscreen suitors with a stiff British accent, which must explain why Gwyneth Paltrow signed on for...

Film Review, Mar. 28, 2003

Cinema Paradiso: The New Version

Screens Feature, Mar. 28, 2003

These American Lives

Documentarians Bradley Beesley and Sarah Price root out characters in the Mississippi Delta, the streets of Milwaukee, and, soon, summer camp in Michigan.

Screens Feature, Mar. 28, 2003

Lost in La Mancha

What happens to a dream deferred? Well, sometimes it goes into turnaround, and the six lousy days of footage you shot of it wind up...

Film Review, Mar. 21, 2003

Open Hearts

Open Hearts begins with what it’s like to be in love: the smiles, the secret language, the humor peculiar to two and only two. Over...

Film Review, Mar. 21, 2003

The Safety of Objects

A guitar. An antique chest. A Barbie doll. These are some of the objects that fill (but do not fulfill) the lives of the four...

Film Review, Mar. 14, 2003

"Write or Wrong: A Look at Film Journalism"

Screens Feature, Mar. 14, 2003

Go Further

Screens Feature, Mar. 14, 2003

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