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Mr. Gynt's Wild Ride

Last Act Theatre Company provides a captivating intro to the epic that is Peer Gynt


Mythologies and fables cover the walls of grayDUCK Gallery in this show by Megan Kimber and Adrian Landon Brooks

"Matthew Genitempo and Schutmaat: Motor Chronicles"

These photographs frame the isolation and beauty of the American West but keep it at a distance


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  • All Over Creation: Identity Crisis

    Two concurrent stage productions show what happens when we define ourselves too narrowly

    By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014


    • By The Book

      In the midst of autumn festivals aimed at lovers of music and film, here's one for the readers

      By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

    • Exceeding Themselves

      Lawrence Wright's Thirteen Days in September tells how Carter, Sadat, and Begin made an impossible peace

      By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

    • Self Service

      Merritt Tierce drew on her own time waiting tables for the provocative restaurant world in her novel Love Me Back

      By AMY GENTRY, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

    • Perfidia

      The first book in this new L.A. Quartet shows new depth, scope, and craftsmanship in James Ellroy's canon

      By TIM STEGALL, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

    • The Zone of Interest

      Martin Amis revisits the Holocaust in this new novel, which is eloquent and yet lacks depth

      By AMY KAMP, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

    • Love Me Back

      Merritt's Tierce's novel isn't for the faint of heart, but it tells of a young woman's survival with boldness and power

      By JESSI CAPE, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

  • Cock

    This Theatre en Bloc show depicts love as a fight and is as exhilarating and aggressive as a contact sport

    By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

  • The Tempest

    Faraway-feeling Rain Lily Farm proves a perfect setting for the enchanted isle in Shakespeare's late romance

    By ELISSA RUSSELL, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

  • From Hell to High Estate

    This new chamber group's look at the dark side of Romantic music offered some fresh takes on iconic works

    By ADAM ROBERTS, Fri., Oct. 24, 2014

  • Head Over Meals

    Get Jim Gaffigan talking about food, and he can fill a book

    By RUSS ESPINOZA, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014


    • In Real Life in Real Life

      Cory Doctorow brings his newest work to the Texas Teen Book Festival

      By WAYNE ALAN BRENNER, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

    • Love Is the Drug

      It's a rare YA novel that combines entertainment and social commentary this gracefully

      By AMY KAMP, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

    • The Truth About Alice

      This tale of slut-shaming in a tiny Texas town is entertaining, but doesn't leave a lasting impact

      By AMY KAMP, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

  • Hobby Lobby Hammurabi

    A Bright New Boise takes a compelling look at religious extremism through a glass, darkly

    By WAYNE ALAN BRENNER, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

  • Am I White?

    One man's twisted sense of racial identity unravels in Adrienne Dawes' brisk and tense new drama

    By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

  • "Dave Culpepper: Wake Me When It's Quitting Time"

    Even as Dave Culpepper dreams about our future in space, he humorously points out our present decline

    By CAITLIN GREENWOOD, Fri., Oct. 17, 2014

  • Give and Tech

    How musical innovators Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet made Landfall together

    By NATALIE ZELDIN, Fri., Oct. 10, 2014

  • Doubling Down

    In The Great Society, playwright Robert Schenkkan and his subject, LBJ, both gamble big

    By ROBERT FAIRES, Fri., Oct. 10, 2014

  • The King and I

    In a new staging of The King and I that's long on Asian authenticity, audiences are "getting to know" this Rodgers & Hammerstein classic in a most personal way

    By RUSSELL M. DEMBIN, Fri., Oct. 10, 2014


    • Mad Men

      The 22nd annual 'Austin Chronicle' Short Story Contest

      By MONICA RIESE, Fri., Feb. 28, 2014

  • A Journey Through Hell

    Óscar Martínez talks about riding the rails through Mexico to America

    By AMANDA EYRE WARD, Fri., Oct. 11, 2013

  • SUMMER FUN 2013

  • Full Hearts Can't Lose

    The 21st annual 'Austin Chronicle' Short Story Contest

    By MONICA RIESE, Fri., Feb. 8, 2013

  • The Writing's Not on the Wall Yet

    Austin's print culture gets a boost from a new batch of indie presses and literary magazines

    Fri., Dec. 14, 2012

  • An Unlikely Reporter From the Secret Sexual Jungle

    Suzy Spencer sets aside true crime to explore Americans' particular passions

    By JOE O'CONNELL, Fri., Sept. 28, 2012

  • Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces With 32 Recipes To Get You Started

    By JESSI CAPE, Fri., Aug. 24, 2012

  • The Heart of a Printer, the Art of a Chef

    Designer Jeff Scott brings the culinary life to vivid, multilayered display

    By WAYNE ALAN BRENNER, Fri., April 20, 2012


    • Power to the Pen

      Paging through the Texas Book Festival

      By KIMBERLEY JONES, Fri., Oct. 21, 2011

  • Benjamin and Byron's Long-Term Affair

    An émigré author, a bad-boy poet, and an epic trilogy at its end

    By ROBERTO ONTIVEROS, Fri., Sept. 30, 2011

  • The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

    A dystopian future meets a pop-culture obsessed past in Ready Player One

    By JAMES RENOVITCH, Fri., Aug. 19, 2011

  • Review: After Midnight

    The rise of Nazism slowly affects a partying 19-year-old in Germany

    By SARAH SMITH, Fri., June 17, 2011

  • Home-Pun Humor

    O. Henry Pun-Off champ John Pollack has his way with words

    By KIMBERLEY JONES, Fri., May 20, 2011

  • The Heartsick Poet

    Poet Dean Young celebrates a new book and hopes for a new heart

    By AMY SMITH, Fri., April 8, 2011

  • Review: Swamplandia!

    This debut novel boasts its own exclamation point for good reason.

    By KATE X MESSER, Fri., Feb. 25, 2011

  • Getting Creative

    UT unveils a new Master of Fine Arts writing degree

    By KIMBERLEY JONES, Fri., Feb. 11, 2011

  • 2010 BOOKS TOP 10S

    • The Year in Books

      Freedom, Finkler, and Kids of America


  • Long, Last, Happy: New and Collected Stories

    This posthumous collection showcases Barry Hannah's wit, his humor, and an ear finely tuned to the myriad dialects of the South

    By KATHERINE SMITH, Fri., Dec. 10, 2010

  • GIFT GUIDE 2010

    • Setting the Table

      Oversized books

      Fri., Dec. 3, 2010

  • On the Seventh Day

    Judith Shulevitz considers the Sabbath at the Austin Jewish Book Fair

    By KIMBERLEY JONES, Fri., Nov. 12, 2010