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11/11 EAST Stops

The 'Chronicle' Arts editor's recommendations for the 2011 tour

By Robert Faires, Fri., Nov. 11, 2011

11/11 EAST Stops

Denise Prince

1404 Willow, alley entrance, 707-7743, www.deniseprince.com

The longtime photographer with an eye for placing women in stunningly colorful environments showcases her return to painting.

Barry George

204 Attayac, 775-7301

This master sculptor's use of aged metal makes his often whimsical works look like antiques unearthed from some Oz-like otherwhere.

Willow House

1806 Willow, 222-7286, www.eastsidesign.com

A century-old wood home is undergoing a slow and magical metamorphosis at the hands and imaginations of the East Side Design team.

Satch Grimley

Red Bluff Studios, 4809 Red Bluff, 745-1355, www.satchgrimley.com

Silhouetted stags and hares bound past variegated starbursts in the layered and delightful mixed-media constructions of this Austin native.

Bob Wynn

Delta Millworks, 4701 E. Fifth, 370-2414, www.bobwynnphoto.com

11/11 EAST Stops

If he isn't capturing the fullness of humanity in his subjects' faces, this photographer is filling landscapes with a sky as big as God, watching us.

Chris Levack

Splinter Group North, 4709 E. Fifth, 771-8911, www.texassculpture.com

More than a sculptor, Levack is a mediator between the Texas landscape and us, masterfully crafting works that respond to land, sky, and sun.

Madelaine Plauché

2710 E. Cesar Chavez, 524-0354, www.madelaineplauche.blogspot.com

All her simple, elegant ceramic wares are captivating, but the teakettles and jars with Asian elephant designs are worth trumpeting for.

Sunyong Chung

Ginko Studios, 800 Gullett, 389-1920, www.ginkopottery.com

This maker of exquisite porcelain pottery and sculpture isn't showing new work for this year's tour but will guide guests through her process, hands-on and free.

Hatch Workshop

618 Tillery, 999-2634, www.hatchworkshop.com

Discarded goods and found objects are wonderfully repurposed with wit, imagination, and craftsman's care into marvelously stylish furniture.

Brooke Gassiot

Pump Project Art Complex, 702 Shady, Studio F, 299-2254, www.brookegassiot.com

Simply put, light inside wooden boxes, but the constructions of this mixed-media artist are textured and fanciful, like sculptures from The Twilight Zone.

Judy Jensen

Resonance Studio, 1406 Smith, Unit D, www.judy-jensen.com

Jensen's arrangements of incongruous items hum with a dreamlike symbolism, and her technique of reverse painting on glass adds to their phantasmagorical feel.

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