The 33rd Annual Austin Music Awards will be held Wednesday, March 18


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Best Acoustic Venue
Cactus Cafe

2) Saxon Pub
3) Momo's
4) Flipnotics Coffeespace
5) Ray Benson's Roadhouse
6) Ruta Maya
7) Elephant Room
8) The Parish
9) Evangeline Cafe
10) Central Market

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Best All Ages
Antone's CLOSED

2) Mohawk
3) Emo's
4) Stubb's
5) Threadgill's World Headquarters
6) Red Eyed Fly
7) Red 7
8) Jovita's
9) Flipnotics Coffeespace
10) Frank

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Best Live Music

2) Stubb's
3) Emo's East
4) Threadgill's World Headquarters
5) Saxon Pub
6) Antone's
7) Continental Club
8) Moody Theater
9) The Parish
10) Red Eyed Fly

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Best Local Label
Bismeaux Records

2) Pau Wau Records
3) Academik Records
4) Modern Outsider Records
5) Verge Music Group
6) Steady Boy Records
7) Western Vinyl
8) Vagabond Collective

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Best New Club

2) Skinny's Ballroom
3) Moody Theater
4) White Horse
5) Kingdom
6) Little Mexico
7) Frank
8) Hotel Vegas
9) Swan Dive
10) The Sahara Lounge

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Best Producer
Matt Parmenter for We Are All Where We Belong, Quiet Company

2) Mark Hallman for Portraits, Wheeler Brothers; Holiday HAAM Jam, Vol. 1
3) Chris "Frenchie" Smith for I Believe in Everything, Speak
4) Gary Paczosa and Sarah Jarosz for Follow Me Down, Sarah Jarosz
5) Francis Prève
6) Danny Reisch
7) Dwight Baker
8) Cory Dennis
9) A.J. Vallejo
10) Ray Benson for Peace Meal, Carolyn Wonderland

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Best Radio Personality
John Aielli, KUT 90.5FM

2) Jason Dick and Deb O'Keefe, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
3) Paul Ray, KUT 90.5FM
4) David Brown, KUT 90.5FM
5) Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM
6) Jody Denberg, KUT 90.5FM
7) Chuck Loesch, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
8) Jay Trachtenberg, KUT 90.5FM
9) J.B. Hager, KAMX 94.7FM (MIX)

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Best Radio Program
Eklektikos, John Aielli, KUT 90.5FM

2) The Dudley & Bob Morning Show, Dale Dudley & Bob Fonseca, KLBJ 93.7FM
3) The Morning X, Jason Dick and Deb O'Keefe, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
4) Twine Time, Paul Ray, KUT 90.5FM
5) Local Licks, Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM
6) Texas Music Matters, David Brown, KUT 90.5FM
7) No Control, Chuck Loesch, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
8) Hypersonic, Jason Jenkins, KROX 101.5FM (101X)
9) The Halftime Show, Charlie Hodge, KLBJ 93.7FM
10) Lone Star State of Mind, Roger Allen, KGSR 93.3FM

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Best Radio Station
KUT 90.5FM

2) KGSR 93.3FM
3) KOOP 91.7FM
4) KVRX, 91.7FM
5) KBPA 103.5FM (BOB FM)
6) KAMX, 94.7FM (MIX)
7) KAZI 88.7FM
8) KHFI 96.7FM (KISS FM)
9) KROX 101.5FM (101X)

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Best Record Store
Waterloo Records

2) End of an Ear
3) Antone's
4) Encore
5) Cheapo's
6) Trailer Space Records
7) Breakaway Records
8) Music Mania
9) Backspin Records
10) 10) Turntable Records